1. Importing foreign products to Japan

We visit overseas trade fairs and negotiate directly with manufacturers to import mainly products that have not yet been released in Japan.
Just as there are many good products made in Japan, there are many eye-catching products in the world.
We select the most advanced and interesting products among them and deliver them
to Japan.



2. Effective Use of Crowdfunding

We actively utilize crowdfunding platforms such as Makuake, CAMPFIRE, and GREENFUNDING in Japan to enhance the originality of the products. We actively promote the product to reach a wider audience and increase its popularity.


3. Wide Variety of Sales Channels!

We will be exhibiting at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show in September!  Through the exhibition, we will collaborate with major electronics retailers, wholesalers at home centres and domestic manufacturers. We are also developing products to reach as many people as possible through online sales via e-commerce malls such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping.





We have partnered with import business consultant Hideaki Otake (https://yubi-ken.com/en/), who is also a leading expert in product sales crowdfunding.

Together with Hideaki Otake, the evangelist of the Japanese domestic crowdfunding website Makuake, we are developing a business that spreads innovative products from all over the world to Japan, bringing them closer to the rest of the world and bringing smiles to everyone in Japan and abroad through our products.